Sharing: A Practice for Family Connection

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The Practice of Family Sharing is an easily accessible, unique and specific practice for taking one's family to deeper levels of intimate connection.   It is a dynamic happening which can occur between human beings and is always a sacred, spiritual one.  There is no mistaking when it occurs. You know with absolute certainty that you have been profoundly affected.

Is Family Sharing Right for My Family?

It is if you have an ordinary family settling into superficial modes of communication, often moving towards disconnection. Family Sharing is not therapy.  It is an easily available approach to support the average family subjected to the many pressures of 21st century life, tending to separate and distance its members and making communication less related and authentic. It presents an inspiring challenge for intimate connections within such a family. Patricia Barber offers with warmth, wisdom, and subtle wit an adaptable framework and simple recommendations for a personalized sharing practice to enable you to deepen and sustain closer and more satisfying family relationships over time.

What Readers Say About The Book

Reviewers from multiple disciplines unanimously endorse the soundness of the unique practice of Family Sharing as described and used in the vibrant and ruthlessly honest account of this ordinary family’s commitment to its relationships with one another.

A program with Pat coaching participants in the basic structure of a Family Sharing session, including creating a Sacred Space.